Welcome to “This Week in TensorBase” weekly newsletter.

TensorBase is a modern big data warehouse in Rust. With the help of Rust engineering, TensorBase wants to provide a new big data infrastructure for every business in this era.

Remote Table Function

In this week, TensorBase backs to high speed iteration. After remote access to ClickHouse being added via remote table functions, we formally support the remote access to MySQL server as well in the same form. It is great to let users to easily import external MySQL data into the TensorBase.

In this week, we still complete more data types support in TensorBase. Nullable type has been introduced which completes main practical ansi-SQL data types support in TensorBase. Uuid data type are supported as extension of primary types. We also implement many mapping from MySQL data types into TensorBase primary data types.

Spirit of Open Source

As a long-term open source advocate, I personally reflect on things happened around the community and even more about wider open source activities recently.

What kind of open source community do we want to build? Same type project naming collision/confusion is bad. Non-real-world eye-catching benchmark is terrible. Copycat is anti-license in that a business-friendly license does not mean copyright can not be respected. Github-stars-buying is the direct attack and damage to the whole open source community. Stop doing this!

The spirit of open source is the contribution rather than request. When everyone is using and benefiting from open source codes, you should respect these codes and the communities behind them in a way, you should be in awe of the spirit of open source. This is the cornerstone of the open source movement.

Help Wanted

Try TensorBase in one minute. It is really appreciated that you play TensorBase with data ingestion, queries, or any hacks in any way you want and feedback the bugs or anything you want to the TensorBase community.

More helps on help wanted issues or good first issues are appreciated as well.


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