Welcome to “This Week in TensorBase” weekly newsletter.

TensorBase is a modern big data warehouse in Rust. With the help of Rust engineering, TensorBase wants to provide a new big data infrastructure for every business in this era.

Timezone Correctness and Performance

In this week, TensorBase still merge the PRs in a relatively high speed thanks for all our great contributors!

The initial ClickHouse compatible timezone support to the Date/Time related types has been added. The initial ClickHouse compatible remote table support has also been added into the sources. We will soon provide in-TensorBase data importing experience for all users. Thanks for all core contributors of TensorBase!

Internally, we are still actively investigating the performance problem of existed DataFusion engine. Some 4x-5x boosting are achieved for some parts of hash aggregation operator. We hope to show more excited improvements in the near future of this summer.

In the Summer 2021 of TensorBase, the tasks about storage, distributed query, RBAC(Role-Based Access Control) etc. are well discussed and developed in the progress. Join us!🏄🏄🏼‍♀

Help Wanted

Try TensorBase in one minute. It is really appreciated that you play TensorBase with data ingestion, queries, or any hacks in any way you want and feedback the bugs or anything you want to the TensorBase community.

More helps on help wanted issues or good first issues are appreciated as well.


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