Welcome to “This Week in TensorBase” weekly newsletter.

TensorBase is a modern big data warehouse in Rust. With the help of Rust engineering, TensorBase wants to provide a new big data infrastructure for every business in this era.

Remote Table Query and Partition Pruning

In this week, TensorBase enables its initial remote table query. This mocks some prototyping kind of distributed query. And it provide a experience in which you can import data from remote ClickHouse/TensorBase servers in the client shell.

In this week, TensorBase continues to fix the reminding cases of timezone handling, and welcome new contributor to fix the good-first-issue for allowing trailing semicolon.

New PR about partition pruning has been submitted in our summer 2021 challenge. The core contributors are happy to help everyone grow together. With the progress of summer 2021 forwarded, TensorBase is becoming a mature product for industry-level usage. 🎸

Great Wishes from ClickHouse Team 💗

In this week, TensorBase community is honored to receive the best wishes from ClickHouse team. It is really appreciated that the open-source world can embrace the open-source culture of mutual respect and help. TensorBase is using its innovations to help all the community. We are proud!👏

Help Wanted

Try TensorBase in one minute. It is really appreciated that you play TensorBase with data ingestion, queries, or any hacks in any way you want and feedback the bugs or anything you want to the TensorBase community.

More helps on help wanted issues or good first issues are appreciated as well.


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