I have presented a talk “Architect a High-performance SQL Query Engine in Rust” in the RustFest Global 2020.

In this talk, I summarize main apsects of TensorBase from designs, implementations and engineerings. This is the first systematic writing about TensorBase. I try to keep the readings as simple as possible although the topics of high performance and are usually hard. So, this presentation is a nice introducation for the newcomers who are interesting to get more familiar with TensorBase. And so, there are still tons of details and advanced aspects which I have no enough time to touch upon. I hope more exciting information could be shared gradually with the growth of TensorBase.

Here is the presentation.

And RustFest team will release the video of the talk at some time if you are interested in.

As I have mentioned in the talk, the next version of TensorBase is targeted to be released in this month. The biggest change from current first M0 release is that in this new version, TensorBase will pivot to a ClickHouse compatible bigdata system implementation. I am still busy in a lot of work to make this release date being caught up with. It is planned to provide more information when that new version is released.

Stay tuned!