To invite more interested people to join the community of TensorBase and Rust development, I proposed two plans/suggestions as follows:

Core Peering Plan

Peer coding for TensorBase Base edition.


  1. Participants: Data or system enthusiasts, comfortable with Rust and C programming. (Otherwise, you will not be excited about this plan.)
  2. You are guaranteed to put your a regular period of time (e.g. half an hour every day) into the peers coding. (So we can continue to discuss topics of interest.)


Works with me and other data nerds (when have) for seeking the sky-high of massive data storage and analysis.

I am this guy, who is eager, self-confident and proud to make peer with you. Don’t hesitate to contact with me if you are a data nerd.

This plan is scheduled to be started in around a month late in that I am a little busy in next release of TensorBase now. But I just leave this infos in that even any early friends are welcome.

Community Practicer Plan

Free style coding in Rust, in that it is not required to have a rigor schedule.

You do not want to put much time in data engineering but still have performance thinkings similar to that of me.


Linux/Backend focused with architectural performance.

Potential Topics

  1. BaseLog: lock-free logging, to maximize the total performance of a system with minimized logging overheads
  2. BaseNet: network io framework with new paradigm (no reactor, no async, no stupid long call stack but top performance)
  3. BaseCsv: bug fixed SIMD version of csv processing library
  4. … or you ideas


Works with me and other high perf nerds (when have) for seeking top performance with engineering in mind probably from a very different view.


No requirement for skills. You are just loving the direction of this plan and having time to start to code. You are encouraged to provide your own ideas to see if we can start together.


Feature driven. Tons of same or similar feature based projects may exist in the earth. You just pick up some of these for your learning or just-working usage.

"Do not reinvent the wheel. Invent the better wheel." -- Anyone